Product Designer

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Product Designer 

Lead product research and refine MVP.

4-star rating educational app on Apple store.

Pitch Piano


Product Designer 
Lead product retention design.

FB Messenger chatbot.

Blink the Bee


Product Designer 
Lead project visual and interactive design.

Location Based Interactive Installation

Welcome Wall


Experience Designer 
Lead project interior and interactive design.

Interactive Exhibition

Museum of Broken Relationship

Wenhsin Lin

A product designer based in the San Diego. CA 

4 years of experience in driving UX design for mobile and web.

Enjoy solving complex problems through simple, elegant designs.


Discover users' needs. Create concepts based on research and intuition. Bring the vision to meet business goals.


Tackle user flow and information architecture before diving into the design. Handle user interaction by prototyping.


Craft every pixel for interface design. Explore colors and play around with style to ensure a compelling and consistent design language across the product.

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Wenhsin Lin Portfolio | Product Designer | 2020