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Journey Through the Camps 

VR Story Telling UI Design


Company: Stichbridge

My Role: UI/UX Designer

Duration: Aug 2017 - Nov 2017

Tools: Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustration, Invision

I worked as a UI/UX designer for Stitchbridge, a VR interactive studio back in 2017. I designed UI/UX for their three projects, a real estate touring VR experience, VR storytelling experience and an internal tool UI/UX design.


Journey Through the Camps is a VR experience that takes users through the spaces of the Holocaust, and gives them the chance to see these sites in context, hear survivor testimony, and understand the history beyond what film and books can provide.“  


Captured from the Stichbridge website.

The UI design

I helped design the UI elements for this storytelling experience. The main interactive in the experience is using gaze trigger and voice control. And the project is using HTC Vive as the platform. 

To help users engaged, producers decided to use gaze as the main interaction to trigger events and voice-over to guide users through the story. The filming team visited Holocaust to get the real footage, and they used CG to recreate the scene. To match the style, I researched the art style in other VR storytelling experience and decided to go with the handwriting art style on the fonts and UI. I want to make sure the UI is settled into the experience and not a distraction to the users. Because the main focus will be the story, so I want to avoid the gaming feeling. 

mockup_scene3_(different icon)
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