The Museum of Broken Relationships in Pittsburgh


Experience Designer 


2016 Fall

5 Months

Project Type

Location-Based Interactive installation






Museum of Broken Relationships Pittsburgh: Promo Video.

Project Background

Project Ex is the design team for the Museum of Broken Relationships: Pittsburgh.  MoBR is a traveling exhibition featuring human stories about relationship loss, through the objects these relationships leave behind.  Ranging in subject, these objects become shorthand for human storytelling.

Our client, Carnegie Mellon University Professor of English Jane Bernstein, and her class will interview donors for objects and stories from Pittsburgh.  Taking these stories, we design the guest experience to mix the local stories within those from the museum’s permanent collection.  We aim to engage the guest in interactive storytelling during their visit.  The show will run for the month of December 2016 at The Mine Factory in Pittsburgh.

Themed Concept


Heritage of Pittsburgh, People storage their heart broke the story in a factory storage place.

Location: The Mine factory (201 N Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15208)

Space : 2000 sqft (approx) Gallery ABC

Gallery design render in factory style.



Experience Design

We intended to design an emotional journey for our guests to experience from light-hearted, sad, angry to humor. 

Challenges :

Despite we know the stories we collected in the gallery are all sad. We notice that some of them have a secondary emotional associated with it, so we try our best to categorize and place then into a different emotional zone. And many guests do feel the emotions while they are in the specific emotion area.

Interactive installations

In the museum, we deigned two interaction installations for guests to share their feelings.

Misty Window

Misty window is mainly for people to interact by leaving short messages. When guests receiving

previous message, message show up and disappear gradually. The themed of "let go" is what we

want to tight into the whole MoBR experience. 

The Typewriter

The typewriter is an interaction piece for people to share longer stories. It combined the old and new technology. We convert a typewriter to modern keyboard. After guests type in their story, our system will calculate most common words appear in those stories and create a word cloud. Word cloud showcase different cities words when people share their heartbroken stories. 

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