Building Virtual World

Building Virtual World is an ETC course which students will group as five members team each round and built games in limit times of two weeks, Using Unity platform, combined with Kinect, Oculus, PS move, and Google Tango.

My position in BVW is artist. My majar works is created game assets, 3D game environments, UI.

Round1 - Our princess is in another castle.

platform: Kinect

Works: Game environment : Castle, mountain, bridge...

Colored story cut scene, Instruction. Game cut scenes

Round2 - Float me up Platform: Oculus Rift /PS move

Works: Game environment : Well construction

Story cut scene

Round3 - Ghost Cat

Platform: Google Tango

Works: Mouse model/funiture models

Game cut scene

Round5 - MONMON Dance

Platform: PS move

Works: Game environment design

Charaters modeling.

Instruction video making.

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