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I am Very Into You, Themed Entertainment Design Studio, CMU

Position : UI Artist

                Web Developer

"I'm Very Into You" is the project from the course Themed Entertainment Design Studio.  The studio is designing a pre-show for the Drama department show: I'm Very Into You". 

The story of the show is set in the time of 1995, when the time internet is getting popular and people are experiencing the convenience of email brought to human communications. 

Setting on the background of 90s we think of an experience letting modern people have the chance to experience the old school technology again. The team set up the 90s style desk, working station and have the Window 95 email stimulation webpage running in it. Guest can browse the existing email in the inbox, and write something back.  

Actual picture for experience.

Render for set design.

As the artist and UI/Ux designer on this project. I spend times research on the 90s style of desktop art and user interface.

I want the experience to be simple,intuitive, easy to understand, can guide people directly to the email experience.  I simplified the original email software interfaces to just few buttons and use the gradient and colorful icon to distinguish the pressable and unpressable button. 

All interface is written by html, css, and javascript.

Info Website for the show "I'm Very Into You" 

Responsible in design and website platform done by Wix.

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