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Smaug's table

Experience Design

Experience Designer 

Smaug's Table - Immersive VR with motion simulator

Experience Design is an elective course in ETC, which "intended to give Location Based Entertainment (LBE) students knowledge and experience within the realm of designing interactive user based experiences". In this semester the class is making a pre-show experience of a virtual dinning experience called Smaug's Table inside the CAVE environment.


"CAVE is an immersive virtual reality environment where projectors are directed to three of the walls of a room-sized cube. In the CAVE environment, we also introduce the Motion Floor to simulate movements on bouncing terrain."


Our pre-show experience goal is to lead guests to the dinnig place with attractive storytelling and immersive location based interaction factors in it, meanwhile providing guests the concept about menu.


 In this experience we divided it into three parts.  First we got the outside waiting part, which will contain the display of menu and place guest's orders. Second part will be the interior interaction part, where guests have to solve an interaction globe puzzle to open the door and enter the ride. The last part will be a simulate ride using CAVE technical environment, which guest will seat on the motion floor and have a ride into the deep of Smaug's nest. 


Roller Coaster Simulator


The final goal for the simulator ride is to design an immersive storytelling experience.

The story begin with the guests have to secretly get inside the core of the Lonely Mountain where lies thousands of treasure and also the nest for Smaug. To get in there, guests will have to ride on the mine car and travel through the dangerous magma area, try their best hiding from Smaug, who will unexpectedly show up and chasing you out.


We modified the length of the experience make it shorter based on some playtesting, in order to make guest feel comfortable sitting on the motion floor we decrease the strength going up and down and smooth the action when turning animation happened. We constantly doing playtesting with guests and modified both motion and animation angle to create the best experience. 

Original design for Roller Coaster simulator

Charater design for Roller Coaster simulator - Storyteller 

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