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Welcome Wall 

Position : UI/UX Designer 

                 Visual Designer

Tool :        Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUp

2016 Summer Internship

Worked as a interactive installation 

designer for Entertainment Technology Center, CMU during 2016 summer.

Designed and produced the interactive screen for the welcome wall. Also worked on the visual design for the installation.

What did I worked on?

In the ETC,  devoted most of my time working on academic projects cooperate with clients including Electronic Arts and The Museum of Broken Relationship. Projects including created a multiple players, family friendly game on connected TV platform. Worked as game artist and UIUX designer.

As well as holding an museum exhibition in Pittsburgh open on 2016 Dec. As a lead designer in the team my job was to designing the layout and visualizing the themed of the space by the meantime creating the elements for the exhibition. 

Initial concepts

  I used Adobe User experience Design tool as a lo-fi mock up tool at the initial pitch statement. 

This is the idea of the Project Wall interaction screen will be presented. The default status of the screen will be plenty bubbles bouncing around the screen with the project sponsor's logo on it, users can interact with on screen elements with facial expression and gesture.


  When user entering the "search projects" page system will guide them to three different categories of project format ETC have. And each category will give user further details.

User Flow 

Installation Visual Design

Designed the comic book kind of style to coordinate the original building comic displays. To make guest have more coherence and immersive experience while walking through the hall way. 

Initial installation design.

Installation design mock up in SketchUp + Photoshop.

Installation pattern on back light panels

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