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CLOZE is a social mobile application which users can share their outfits or interact with their friends.

Furthermore users can upload their cloths and dress them up by the avatar, which is built by our system.

CLOZE Concept video

Director/Postproduction: Wen-hsin Lin

System function intro video.

  • System Functions

According to our idea, we designed seven main functions after analyzing the users’ demands.


1. Profile, we require users to provide their personal information when they enter our app for the first time, the information will be used to create the avatar too. However, body shape could be changed as users refill their data again in order to reach the best app using experience.


2. My Closet, users can add, edit and delete their clothes in this page.


3. Get Dressed, this is the main function of our application. Users can click on the clothes and accessories they want, and fit it on to the avatar which was automatically generated by our app. Therefore, they can see how their designs truly looks when it’s on a human body and avoid the difference between imagination and reality.


5. Sharing square, the designs which users made can be uploaded to our sharing square. Users from all around the world can share and see others’ design while entering here, and with the Tag, users can easily filter the specific designs they want.


6. Call out, where users can ask their friends for help. If users do not know what to wear today, they can send SOS message to their friends via our application. When receiving SOS messages from others, users can also give out advices.


7. Dressing Records, users can save their designs they made in the dressing room here, in case they meet the same situation in the future.

Avatar inside the Get Dressed function. 


Those are the porotype while I am producing the avatar. 

The avatar amount which I made is approach 100.

Those figures have different height, waist, shoulder value which are corresponding to the numbers that user input.

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